10 Ara 2013

Fortimail Kuyruktaki Maillerin Temizlenmesi

Fortimail Kuyruktaki Maillerin Temizlenmesi
execute maintain mailqueue clear age 23d
execute cleanqueue
bu komutla fortimailde kuyrukta olan mailleri temizlersiniz.
fortimail queue console clear

age <time_str>

Enter an age between 1 hour and 10 years. The FortiMail unit deletes mail messages in the mail queues greater than this age. The age consists of an integer appended to a letter that indicates the unit of time: h (hours), d (days), m (months), or y (years).

yaş <time_str>

1 saat ile 10 yıl arasında bir yaş girin. FortiMail birimi, bu yaştan daha büyük posta kuyruklarındaki posta mesajlarını siler. Yaş, zaman birimini belirten bir harfe eklenen bir tam sayıdan oluşur: h (saat), d (gün), m (ay) veya y (yıl).

mail # execute ? soru işareti ile alttaki bilgileri alırsınız
 backup                   backup
 backup-restore           backup-restore
 central-mgmt             central management
 certificate              certificate
 checklogdisk             find and correct errors on the log disk
 checkmaildisk            find and correct errors on the mail disk
 cleanqueue               clean email files in defer queue
 date                     set date and time
 db                       db
 endpoint                 endpoint
 factoryreset             reset to factory default
 fips                     fips
 formatlogdisk            format log disk to enhance performance
 formatmaildisk           format mail disk to enhance performance
 formatmaildisk_backup    format mail disk to enhance performance, try to backup user mailbox to log disk before formatting
 ha                       send commands to ha
 ibe-data                 IBE data
 maintain                 maintain
 nslookup                 nslookup
 partitionlogdisk         change log/mail partition split
 ping                     ping <host name | host ip>
 ping-option              ping option settings
 ping6                    ping <host name | host ipv6>
 ping6-option             ping6 option settings
 raid                     raid
 reboot                   reboot the system
 reload                   reload appliance
 restore                  restore
 shutdown                 shutdown appliance
 smtptest                 test if we can connect to an SMTP server
 storage                  storage
 telnettest               test if we can telnet to a server
 traceroute               traceroute
 update                   update
 user-config              user defined config